The Coppell Lacrosse Association is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the sport and its players in the North Texas Region.

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2018/19 HS Boys Rules (THSLL)
League rules for HS Boys per the Texas High School Lacrosse League
2019 College Recruiting Guidebooks
Guidebooks for understanding college recruiting for boys/girls.
2019 Rule book for youth boys lacrosse
2019 Youth Boys Rule changes and points of emphasis per USL.
2019 Rule Book for Youth Girls Lacrosse
2019 rules for youth girls lacrosse (grades K-8).

Concussion prevention: Correct helmet fitting
Information on how your son's helmet should fit in order to help prevent concussions!
DFW Youth Lacrosse League (DFWL)
Parent league for all North Texas youth boys lacrosse teams.
Equipment Fitting Guide
Guides and guidelines on necessary equipment for boys/girls lacrosse.
Field Diagrams
Field diagrams of both boys/girls lacrosse.
North Texas Chapter of US Lacrosse
North Texas Chapter represents the interest of US Lacrosse throughout all of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area.
Responsible Sports Parenting
Helpful articles/reminders for parents to help make your child's experience a positive one!
Safety: Protecting players/Enhancing performance

Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League (TGHSLL)
The Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League is the governing body for women’s lacrosse teams at the high school level in Texas and northwest Louisiana.
Texas Girls Youth Lacrosse League (TGYLL)
Parent league for all North Texas youth girls lacrosse teams.
Texas High School Lacrosse League (THSLL)
Parent league for all HS Boys teams in the State of Texas.
The History of Lacrosse
Learn about the history of our sport and where it all started!
USL Compete with Class/Honor the Game

Lacrosse Magazine is the flagship publication of US Lacrosse. LM has the distinction as the first feature magazine dedicated to the fastest game on two feet, and is the most widely-read lacrosse publication in the world.

US Lacrosse provides a leadership role in virtually every aspect of the game throughout the United States, and offers a number of programs and information services to its national membership and more than one million lacrosse enthusiasts throughout the country.